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Internet security is becoming more and more of an issue as thousands more users surf the web every day of the week. In addition to all of the good things which have come out of the introduction of the Internet, there has also been a steadily growing amount of bad things happening too.

With more people turning to online shopping instead of heading down to the shops, thieves have turned their attention to the Internet because that is where the money now is. But how can you stay safe from lurking misdemeanors online?

About VPNs

A VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. Typing in vpn cos è online through your favourite go to search engine will present you wiht a long list of results which are all advertising heightened security through vpn services.

The general concept of a vpn is that you join the internet through a secure connection so that there is a minimal risk of your activity being traced or tracked by a hacker or potential cyber attack.

In more detail

Online security can have many faces. Passwords are just the forefront which the most amount of computer users will be aware of. While a password is a good start for online security, hackers have made an art of cracking the codes so it is better to add multiple layers of security measures to stay on the safe side.

The connection to a vpn service is encrypted. This involves a highly advanced string of coding which constantly changes to keep prying eyes out. Secured by a bit code, an encryption can only be accessed by entering the correct 16 or 32 piece code. This will only be revealed to the contracted user for the session at hand. If the service provider suspects any kind of issue they have the power to cut the connection so you can’t be traced.

In addition to the highly secure encrypted wavelength, VPNs also have many other safety installations which make it virtually impossible for hackers to break through. Firewalls, additional passwords and anti virus features all play their part in keeping you and your online activity safe.

How much does it cost?

VPN services are not as expensive as you may think. Granted there are a number of online businesses which charge through the nose for you to use their ‘premium’ security services, but there also a great number of affordable or free services too.

Although a free service may be more appealing because of the lack of cost, you must take heed by making sure that the service you are looking is firstly legitimate, and secondly provides exactly what it advertises. Take a look through review websites regarding the business and services in question to make sure of the fine details before signing on the dotted line.

Those services which do charge often have extras such as round the clock customer service which is always a great benefit just in case something did happen.

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