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What is PelisPedia?

PelisPedia is the leading movie streaming website in Europe and South America. It is quite a popular website and the main reason for its popularity is its language. The language of the website is Spanish by default and it is the world’s most spoken language. It always updates its database with newly released movies consistently. You can enjoy not only movies but TV shows also on this website. PelisPedia boasts over one million users each day and it has earned a reputation for being a popular streaming site around the world. If you love Spanish movies then PelisPedia is the right place to fulfill your appetite for Spanish movies. The best thing about the site is that it is free to use the site and no need sign-up. It offers movies in high-quality audio and video and a download options as well. It also offers you PelisPlus app for your Android device. It is an alternative website to

What Happened to PelisPedia?

With almost one million visitors each day, the site became the most popular site in Latin America. After this success, it has now come to an end because the website’s operators were condemned for profiting from copyright violation. As a result, Interpol, Uruguayan authorities, and the US movie industry came forward to shut down the site and arrest the owners. The authorities also seized their assets in the raid. The operators were charged with copyright violation for profit without any written authorization of their respective successors and also charged with the crime of money laundering.

Similar Sites to PelisPedia

There are many similar sites to Pelispedia over the internet and today we are going to talk about some of them as best picks. All the websites are frequently updating their database. They do not require registration to watch movies. Some of these websites also have a download option as well so that you can easily watch movies offline.

Top Best PelisPedia Alternative Websites

Propolis is our first pick as a PelisPedia alternative. The default language of the website is Spanish just like PelisPedia which is quite helpful for native Spanish speakers. It is an excellent website that you can use instead of PelisPedia. There are many great features about this site such as its design, sorting facility, lot of content, etc. The design of the site is quite attractive. The developers put a lot of effort to make its design interesting. The site offers certain sorting facilities on its homepage including Movies year sort, A-Z sort, and Genre sort to filter for your favorite movies. The website has a lot of content that you can enjoy for free without any issues.

Ver-peliculas offers all the latest content in high-quality. It is quite a famous website in this department. You do not need to subscribe to the website for watching movies. It provides movies in the original versions such as in Latin, and in Spanish or Castilian. The site itself does not host any files or videos rather it provides links to 3rd party servers that actually host the files. This site also has multiple filtering options. You can filter movies into comedy, drama, sci-fi, and action categories.

PelisPlay is another alternative website to PelisPedia and a leading movie streaming site for the Spanish language. You have to open an account on the site for personalized customization. It is not compulsory to watch movies on the site. The site also provides movies with subtitles in full quality. It offers various filtering options so it is quite easy to search for your favorite movies. There are multiple categories such as Comedy, Action, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi, Crime, Adventure, and Family to choose from. It also has some Netflix exclusive content for you to watch.

Gnula is another great movie streaming site in the Spanish language. This site has classified movies in a massive number of categories such as Anime, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Crime, Fantasy, Film, History, War, Music, Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Western, and Terror, etc. The website does not host movies rather it provides links to the services that actually contains those files such as YouTube, PowViewo, OpenLoad,, and, etc. The site receives almost eight million visitors per month.

PepeCine is a great website and fine alternative to PeliPedia. It is an excellent site with a very good design to watch Spanish movies online for free. There are also many TV series on the website to watch. There are many ways to sort TV shows and movies on the site such as by actors, by date, and name, etc. It offers all the content in high-quality. The site contains an excellent UI that makes it easier to navigate around. PepeCine is the best option that can replace both PelisPedia and PelisPlus. It is the almost an ad-free website that makes it better than others. It also features a blog section where you can read about TV shows and movies as well.

Pelis28 is another similar site to PelisPedia that offers all the latest movies to download and watch for free. There is no registration or subscription process on the site for streaming. It features an advanced filter option to filter any type of movies based on its quality. It is an extra feature of this website. Like PelisPlus you can also watch some of the Netflix movies in Spanish on this website as well.

SeriesBlanco is the site where one can watch movies in the Spanish language. The website serves thousands of users on a regular basis. It offers various options to filter movies such as category, date, and name, etc. It is quite a good website for Spanish movies lovers. The website gets decent visitors as it is a popular Spanish movies site. It also offers TV series in Spanish as well. Overall the website is solid but there is only one drawback of the site that there are some annoying ads that cannot even be blocked by ad-blockers. is another streaming website that is similar to PelisPedia. It has an easy and user-friendly interface. It offers you websites that have those categories you wish to watch. is another site that is based on Spanish movies and TV shows and Latino links as well. If you wish to watch the content in English then you can watch if you do not mind subtitles. During website browsing, you will come across some ads. Take much care when using this site to steer clear of clicking harmful links.

Seriesgato is a movie streaming website that offers links to Spanish language content for a variety of TV shows, and English subs as well. You will not find movies on it rather you have to search somewhere else what you are looking for. There is HD quality material on this website but to make good use of this website you are needed to debilitate your adblocker or else, the site will not accurately work. The content of the site is quite easy to search and well-laid. is an excellent streaming site that is a good alternative to PelisPedia. It attracts thousands of visitors every day. It offers links to high-quality movies and TV shows. It allows you to watch content in up to 1080p quality through this website and you can navigate the movies either by the search function or browsing the library. You have to face some ads on the website but they are quite hard to avoid these types of websites. Overall, it is having a large library of content as compared to other similar websites.


The people who want to watch movies online then they can enjoy it in two ways such as by subscribing to the services that charge for it like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar. And the other way to enjoy movies and TV shows online by using free streaming services like PeliPedia, Pelisplus, and Pelis 28, etc. But both ways have advantages and disadvantages as well. For instance, if you want to subscribe for paid services like Amazon Prime or others then you have to pay subscription charges monthly or yearly. Other thing is that all the movies won’t be available on a single service and you need to subscribe to different streaming services. So on the other hand, if you go for free streaming services that we mentioned above, you can get and enjoy as much data as you can without any charge.

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