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Wireless Headphones

Even the best wireless headphones don’t make any claims about being better than a wired surround sound home theater or even a wireless home theater system. Searching for the best quality wireless headphones which can solve your problems? . And make it easy to search for quality headphones either wired or wireless.

  • However, does your monstrous subwoofer upset your neighbors late at night?
  • Do the screams on TV waken the kids?
  • Would you prefer to be able to walk across the room to pick up pencil and paper without missing anything?
  • Then you might be looking for the best wireless headphones, but how uncomfortable are they?

 Here are some wireless headphones reviews.

Nobody has proved that a microwave wireless headphone is bad for you, but recent research shows that infrared radiation is good for you, so I like the idea of the wireless IR headphones – Pioneer SE DIR800C wireless surround headphones, which uses IR (infrared) instead of microwaves.

Audiophiles say the price is worth it for the surround sound experience, but you must stay in line-of-sight of the transmitter. There’s always interference in a radio system because other things broadcast on the same wavelength. There’s none on infrared.

Apart from that preference, reviewers seem to agree that Sennheiser RS 160 is probably the best wireless headphones for their price. Sennheiser RS120 wireless headphones are cheaper, but users complain of an annoying hiss.

Thick padding makes them comfortable, and the Kleer radio technology streams lossless CD-quality sound with less interference than other microwave systems. 2 rechargeable AAA batteries last 24 hrs.

Chris Hall of comments that there is too much bass, so you lose some detail, but they’re comfortable. Cliff Joseph says that these headphones proved to be the best they’ve tested so far, but at high volume, there is distortion in the bass. TopTechGiant.Com too recommend these headphones, though not quite audiophile quality. suggest that these headphones are very good value for money.

You might prefer something with a little better sound quality, such as Sennheiser’s RS170 or RS 180. As you would expect, these are also Kleer technology, and are praised by reviewers. recommend them calling them “among the best wireless headphones around”. Apart from the improved sound, the RS170 has a docking station that acts as a charger and transmitter, and the range is up to 260 feet.

The editors of say the RS180 is the best choice for true audiophiles. You get a more natural sound with the open-style headphones, but it means that sound leaks out to nearby people and noise leaks in. You get automatic level and balance control with this model, and it can transmit to 320 feet.

Don’t get too enthusiastic about the transmission distance if your room is less than 50 feet! Also if you want a wireless headphone for TV, you won’t want to be 320 feet away from the screen with your wireless TV headphone.

Most wireless headsets for the PC don’t get good reviews, but the Creative Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset is quite good. It isn’t just because the World of Warcraft game enthusiasts likes it either.

You probably wouldn’t agree that they’re the best wireless headphones, but they can be used for any PC or Mac game where sound can enhance the game. Also, you might like an Xbox 360 wireless headset.

The PC World reviewer says it’s one of the best PC headsets, through the surround sound isn’t excellent. reviewer Devin Connors raves about the comfort and sound quality, but complains that for that price he would have expected something less flimsy with a charging cradle

To sum up, I think the best wireless headphones using infrared are the Pioneer SE DIR800C headphones, and the best wireless headphones using microwaves are probably Sennheiser’s RS 180.

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