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Have you ever encountered “Augmented Reality” before? Most of you would answer Pokemon Go. Augmented Reality or AR for short is set to become part of our day-to-day lives and in the fields where we shop or work. This post will talk about the future of AR.

Future Uses of Augmented Reality

The rise of various augmented reality platforms will affect the gadgets we commonly use, including our mobile phones. In the future, mobile phones are believed to be converted into headsets and glasses. Beyond that, we can do anything on our phones, such as calling someone or changing our Facebook status, by just a simple gesture or motion. 

Most devices we currently use have nothing to say when compared to their future versions. Experts foresee that most AR devices that will be established in the future will incorporate all our senses, including seeing, hearing, and touching. 

Aside from that, there will also be an improvement in motion gesture technology. For example, with AR technology, you don’t need to manually type the address on your GPS. But you just need to point your finger to a specific location and your AR-based phone will display the direction to that address. 

How the Augmented Reality will Affect the Future Education

In the world we are living in today, we use printed materials, such as posters, papers, and textbooks for our education. But the development of augmented technology will make these educational materials digital, accessible, and interactive. 

Through this, anyone can access these materials anytime they want. Aside from that, augmented reality will also provide students with a higher level of interaction, considering that most lessons will be conducted in a gaming entry. AR will also minimize physical visits to art galleries or museums. This is because augmented reality will take the students to these places without going outside their room. These are just a few of the possible future uses of augmented reality in education.

The Future of AR in the Healthcare Industry

Augmented Reality will play three essential roles in the field of healthcare. These are the following:

Consumer Education

Augmented Reality will provide patients with consumer scanning functionalities or visual demonstrations to help them understand the risks and benefits of taking a specific procedure or medication. Pfizer is a perfect example of a company that uses augmented reality in providing Blippar – a service that works as a relief finder tool.

Medication Sales

The field of drug manufacturers has tight competition. That’s why manufacturers are looking for even the slightest advantage to excel in the industry and create a huge profit. For example, if a certain drug manufacturer is competing to attract the attention of medical practitioners to avail their newly found medication, they can take advantage of AR to display the benefits of their drug. 

Assisting Doctors

Augmented Reality is a beneficial tool for doctors. It helps medical enthusiasts to make gaming simulations on the ways a specific process should be performed. Aside from that, it is also a useful tool for medical students as it could be used to intuitively represent the human body. 

The advantages of augmented reality in the healthcare industry are notable in today’s time. This is because most of them were developed in response to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the world. 

The development of AR is also beneficial to researchers who are still creating vaccines that will end this crisis. Aside from determining the effectiveness rate of a certain vaccine, augmented reality is also a great tool to educate patients on how the vaccine works in their bodies. 

The Future of AR in Retail and Fashion Industries

Most of you love shopping. If you are one of them, how many times have you passed by a mall and found something that interests you? And the fact that the item is still displayed in the shop, we can say that it is a pricey purchase that requires you to consider a lot of factors. 

One reason that made you fall in love with that item is its style and design. Some products look perfect when displayed. But, have you ever imagined yourself wearing that clothing? Will it look good on you? A lot of brands in the future will integrate augmented reality functionality into their devices. This AR will enable you to view how the item will look on you when worn by just pointing it to the product. Through this, you can make a good buying decision without actually going inside the shop. 

Aside from the fashion industry, AR will also become popular in the retail industry. For instance, Sephora integrated the Virtual Artist feature into their mobile app. The said feature uses Augmented Reality, which enables clients to try every shade of lipstick they offer by just facing the front camera of their phone. If the lipstick shade suits the customer’s taste, they can buy it conveniently using their mobile phone. As of now, the Virtual Artist of Sephora has been used 45 million times by different buyers around the world. 


As you probably noticed with the details presented above, Augmented Reality is deeply integrated into our day-to-day lives. Aside from that, many companies in different industries started to use its advantage. In the near future when augmented reality has been fully developed, all our tiring tasks will vanish. For instance, if commuting makes you tired and bored, augmented reality could provide you with an immersive list of entertainments. 

In fact, many experts claimed that the full development of augmented reality will remove the physical office. Your computer, meetings, workspace, and everything can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Thus, you don’t need to ride for several hours to go to work. If all the advancements we mentioned above made you more curious, you should keep an eye for the newest developments and trends in augmented reality that will make most of our lives enjoyable and more convenient to live.

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