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You might have played a number of war themed video games or some other challenging games but raft wars is something that you would surely get addicted to. To prepare you towards the challenging amusement, a couple of scenes show up as the beginning reference point of the game, revealing to you exactly what you have to think about Raft Wars.

A little child,one day, finds a fortune as jewels on the shoreline. The news of the child possessing the fortune spread like jungle fire, and now pirates and thieves wish to take everything without end. The errand of shielding the child is thoroughly up to the player, the older sibling alongside the aid from a couple of weapons like grenades, tennis balls, and rockets. That is about it for the storyline of Raft wars. A considerable measure of the gameplay needs to do with how well the player deal with their ammunition and crewmembers. While the point is still to take out every one of the adversaries, the less individuals the player has and the more ammunition you squander implies a more awful score for you.

The feel and configuration of the game are somewhat perky, being exceptionally reminiscent of some old time games in appearance. It is genuinely splendid and every one of the levels has a particular subject appended to every one of them. A portion of the levels, where the player battle a particular foe, are tailor themed to that class of adversary. The rustic feel of the Vikings appearance and tremendously huge boats of the thieves bring a lot of charm to the game. By and large, the game is lovely to take a gander at, and it’s sufficiently safe so any individual who can deal with the mouse can play it.

This game appears to be appealing for kids and youngsters alike. This game is exceptionally accessible which implies that you can acquaint it with your children also since it doesn’t generally have any fierce topics appended to it. Over that, the controls are primarily centered round the mouse, and the majority of the determination is done through snaps. Obviously, the gamesurely suffers one deadly blemish and that is through its greatly short length which leaves the player craving for more. In any case, on the off chance that despite everything you need a measurement of nautical fun, you should simply to search for the numerous continuations it has brought forth.

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