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The Sims is a gaming experience which now looks back on a long tradition. The first game came on the market in 2000 and sold itself according to own data about 175 million times. Download now The Sims 4 download on

The great success of the series is the principle of play which is generally maintained; you create your own individual Sim, build or buy him or her a house, set it according to your own preferences and directs his/her life according to your own ideas. This gives you numerous opportunities to experience the game again and again. Only graphics and controls change with every new Sims generation.

Educational Assessment:

In the fourth part of the series, there are also numerous possibilities to be creative in the game. Especially in the “Create a Sim” mode where you can create everything from individual personalities through residential communities to large family constellations, much has happened compared to the predecessors you can do this directly on the body of the Sim. If you want to change your nose, for example, you click on it and drag and push around the different areas of the nose until it meets the expectations On the Sim. Through this detailed design possibility, no Sim looks like the other which was often criticized with the predecessors.

Of course, you can also give your Sim a personality. You can change your gait and voice but also your personality, by selecting personality traits from a pool of personalities. Finally, you choose a life goal for your Sim and you can start. From the gourmet bookworm, who would like to be a national enemy number 1 to the chaotic sports enthusiast, who wants to conquer the world as a master cook, just about everything is there.

New possibilities in construction mode:

Even in construction mode, a lot has happened. There are numerous new features that make the construction of the dream house even more diverse. Particularly noteworthy is the interior furnishings. There are no more statically defined areas where furniture can be placed. In this regard, “The Sims 4” is much freer to handle. Furniture can be rotated 360 degrees and wall elements, such as lamps, windows, and pictures, can be placed anywhere on the wall at any height.

Building the house itself is also more user-friendly; you can select entire rooms and move them freely. If you wanted to do this with a predecessor, you had to demolish the whole room and rebuild it in the other place. In general, it was always cumbersome to change already built objects again. This is a thing of the past with “The Sims 4”. Unfortunately, the construction mode is still quite confusing; the developers always try to counteract this by means of illustrative measures. Yet; where there are so many possibilities of free building, one also unfortunately quickly loses sight of all the functions. The longer you play, the better you’ll find your way around


All in all, “The Sims 4” is a life and facility simulation that is exemplary in terms of gender and socio-cultural aspects and offers many opportunities to live creatively in the virtual space. The Sims 4 Downloadnow on

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