How to Avoid Android Malware for Mobile Users

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If you are fond of downloading and installing mobile games, you should be aware that you are open to mobile security threats. Security threats will target all sorts of data stored on your mobile devices from social media accounts to email, images, videos, and even your banking information.

Without the right protection, no one is free from the threats. Keep in mind that smartphones are vulnerable to malware attacks. Malware will tap into your communication from text messaging to operating systems and browser to exploit it. If you are an Android user, you will be more exposed to malware because Android is allowing you to install apps from any source (third-party apps) not just from the Play Store (first-party apps).

While you are given a wider selection of apps, it can compromise your security because anyone can distribute apps. Knowing this, you should consider security to mitigate the risk. App security is important because after all, your phone contains massive amounts of personal information. Here’s how to avoid Android malware:

Choose apps from trusted developers or vendors

Whether it is free apk games or other vendors, you should consider its reputation first before you start downloading and installing. A large company with the famous brand will be cautious when it comes to distributing the app.

Check the rating

A high app rating is an indication of a safe app. This also reflects the trustworthiness of the developer or vendor. However, you keep in mind that there are fraudulent apps that use Trojans to boost their app ratings. While you are at it, you should also check the number of times it is downloaded. The more it is downloaded, the more likely it is safe.

Read user reviews

Since there is a possibility that developers or vendors use Trojans to boost app ratings, it is not enough to consider it. You have to read user reviews. When reading, you have to check if they seem to have been written by real people, not bots. There are also Trojan-generated reviews but you will know it because it is mostly simple words and often favorable.

Pay attention to the permissions

Permission refers to the extent of control an app gets. Basically, permission will give access to specific data and functions. This is a protection mechanism designed for Android devices. The danger is when the app is permitted to collect data (like personal files, contacts, and location). In some cases, permission will also perform specific operations like taking photos and sending messages.

Before you install an app, you should carefully review the permissions and evaluate if the requests are reasonable. If the permission requests are suspicious, you should not grant access. The good news is that in Android 6.0 or later, you have the power to revoke, review or grand permissions through device settings.

Use a security solution

Whether it is a game or a weight loss app, you should ensure that you have reliable security before you download and install it. There are many security options for you – some are free but with limitations. There’s also an extensive security solution for a fee. Whatever you choose can make a difference when it comes to mobile security.

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