Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the most powerful smartphone


Powerful, with a spectacular design and showing that that trend of the screens without borders has come to stay. So are the new smart mobile phones from Samsung, the Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8 Plus, who’s aesthetic is the breakthrough and very innovative, although inside, what is not appreciated at first sight but is possibly the most important. Samsung is getting ready to take the trend even forward with the next Samsung Galaxy s9.

In the graphic section, however, Samsung has chosen to be conservative, but not less demanding, since the images obtained are exceptional and, despite not getting into the car of the double lenses, the quality is impressive. The Galaxy S8 houses a primary camera of 12 megapixels and an 8-megapixel front with autofocus (here it has been an improvement over its predecessor), also destined for the facial recognition system. Both have an F1.7 aperture that offers excellent image quality. We hope that the next Samsung Galaxy S9 will get the rumored 1000FPS sensor.

Another new feature of the Galaxy S8 is that it can be used as a computer when attached to a dock that connects it to a screen and a keyboard, so that, when detected, the operating system adapts to a format of windows. Submersible, the new Galaxy has three layers of biometric security: it can be unlocked by facial recognition, fingerprint or iris, although the latter is not as fast as the footprint and can also generate failures in conditions of low brightness. That is, it offers multiple forms of access that, even, by location. That is, it gives the possibility to choose if for example, being at home you want to opt for a specific form and that another one is disabled, you can. Samsung also plans to launch the next generation dock with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

One of the issues that should be looked at most with a magnifying glass is its battery. If battery life is one of the leading challenges of the industry and one of the significant concerns of users, here more than Samsung crashed last year with the failed Note 7. On this occasion, no risk; a 3,000-milliampere battery that supports wireless and fast charging, another critical aspect that should reach all high-end models. The terminals will arrive in Spain next April 28 in the colors black, silver and blue-gray. The smallest model is available from 809 euros, while the S8 + will have a price of 909 euros. And, if we talk about the price tag of Galaxy S9 and S9 plus, then it will be in same range, and we’re sure it won’t cross the 100 euros tag.

On another hand, the rumored Samsung Galaxy X is also making the headlines of the news giants, but it is not enough if you know that Galaxy X will be the first phone to get the foldable display, so it deserves more attention.

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