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For the entertainment probably, there can be nothing better than television. It can offer the viewer, live matches, news, information about various worlds of animals, and much more. From the learning channels, one can also learn a lot of things about education and other fields. For the entertainment also one can use this device round the clock, and hence in this age, there is hardly any home where this device does not occupy space. Looking at the increasing demand for this device in the market, numerous makers have started offering various features that can attract the buyers and hence increase sales.

For a common buyer in such situation, it becomes difficult to decide for which television he should go for and which not. Usually, a common buyer looks at nothing but the price. This is due to lack of information on various features of the device. However, there are some websites where he can find important information and compare the devices in the same price range so that a true picture can be available in front of him which can help him to have a concrete decision. Here is provided little information on some of the devices that can help the buyer to get a right one for him.

LG has been in the television market since many years, but from past three years, it has manufactured revolutionary TVs in the market. The televisions by LG are most sought by customers due to sturdy build quality, amazing display, and melodious sound. One such state of the art television by LG is 55EG960T; it is a giant 55 inch curved TV with the OLED display. OLED technology is far more efficient than LED technology, and it provides better viewing experience due to its individual lighting pixels. This television supports Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution, and yes it is curved. Human eyes project the image in the form of a curve which means when you’re watching on a curved TV the visuals are as natural as possible.

This TV has the perfect black display which means no extra lighting around black colour which makes it look dull. This masterpiece by LG has self-lighting pixels which turn on and off in a perfect order to provide the viewer an unimaginable viewing experience. Action enthusiasts have always complained that their TV set blurs some images which are shot in fast action well that will not happen anymore because clear motion system on this LG TV has a fast response. When someone utters TV what comes to mind is a bulky piece of the machine, but that thought will be eliminated once you witness how thin LG 55EG960T is. It happens that when everything is good about a TV, there is something which seems compromise like the sound system. No, it doesn’t happen with LG 55 inch curved TV because the sound on this system is engineered by Harman/Kardon to provide your ears a premium sound experience.

On top of all these features, this is a smart TV operating on Android OS. Netflix and Amazon Prime enthusiasts won’t have to open their laptop or mobile phone to view their favourite series because the TV has preinstalled apps. Additionally, this TV has a remote which can control everything, and that is a benefit for every user.With an expert score of 8.3 by Killerfeatures, this TV is recommended for its display, audio, and design.

  • Samsung Series 7 Curved LED Smart TV (55-inch Ultra HD)

When one hears Samsung, the feeling of faith is developed on its own. Samsung has been delivering marvellous electronics equipment to the consumer, and that is why it is one of the most loved brands in the country. The advent of curved television was enough to inspire Samsung to create something unique, outstanding and outright beautiful. Samsung manufactured MU7500 the 55-inch giant Samsung curved TV. It is sleek, it is smart, and it is the best. Yes, this TV is the best because it has power packed features. Samsung’s very own 4K colour drive pro-technology provides a wide colour spectrum which makes the image more realistic and the experience is life like. 4K Ultra HD is known by most of the technology enthusiasts, but 4K HDR Pro is the technology which steals the show for Samsung. 4K HDR pro provides a smooth transition between dark and light with wide colour and contrast range. What makes black more black? It is Essential Black Pro a viewing technology by Samsung which captures details in the most accurate manner. This TV has smooth motion viewing experience all thanks to its refresh rate of 120Hz. It is a smart TV operating on LG’s very own Web OS which is intuitive and easy to operate. The TV arrives with a magic remote which can act as a wireless mouse so that no user has to press buttons repetitively. With an expert score of 8.0 by, this TV is recommended for its beautiful design and both audio as well as video quality.

  • Vu TL65C1CUS Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV

Amongst the well-known brands of the television market, there is Vu which keeps on re-innovating the technology. Vu has come up with a fantastic curved TV which is modelled as TL65C1CUS. Unlike all its other competitors this TV is a 65 inch giant with a curved display. It is a smart TV with a display that supports Ultra HD picture quality. Images on this TV screen appear lifelike due to its A+ grade display panel. The TV supports required features like screen mirroring and wireless internet connectivity. The TV has built-in Wi-Fi, 3 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, and Bluetooth. There are dual speakers on this TV each with the 10W sound output. The bezels on this TV are black in colour which adds to its flawless and eye-catching appearance. The TV arrives with pre-installed applications like web browser, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. With an expert score of 7.0, this TV is recommended for its display quality and connectivity options.

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