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All sites, especially press and news sites, work through different writing platforms, the most famous of which is WordPress, but there are many other writing platforms and useful.

So in this article we will focus more on reviewing what you might be interested in writing platforms similar to the WordPress platform.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a free tool for creating open-source websites written in PHP or pre-word processor, first released in 2004.Many of these are the easiest and most powerful blog and content management system.

In a simpler way, this platform is the operating system that different blogging sites need to function normally, just like your phone needs Android or iOS.

Although WordPress is certainly not the only blogging platform for sites, it is the undisputed leader in this area, and it alone accounts for at least 30% of all uses of web-based writing and blogging versus other platforms and systems.

WordPress Uses

WordPress is an excellent website for a variety of sites, including blogging and even e-commerce to business websites and functional portfolios, where WordPress is a versatile content management system.

Here are some examples of the types of websites you can create with WordPress:

  • Blog.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Business.
  • News.
  • Photography
  • Music.

Sites that require membership and a monthly subscription or something similar

Why you might seek an alternative to WordPress

Most people looking to replace WordPress are looking for a simpler tool.While it’s the most popular, free, and widely deployed around us, some users may prefer to switch to a different platform where they find better working conditions.

Especially if they want to get rid of problems on the famous platform and get new features, so that:

The appearance of their website or blog can be customized without having to rely on code or programming language.

Their website can be viewed while working on it without having to go back and forth between the writing board and management and their website.

When the user does not want to worry and constantly think about hosting, security, backup, updating plug-ins and all other activities that come with setting up a site through WordPress.

Platforms similar to WordPress

WordPress may not always be the right choice for you.Although it is certainly one of the most popular content management systems, you may find yourself in certain circumstances where you want to know if there are better options for you, especially if you’re new to creating and running a website. It takes longer than you think until you figure out the right way to do things.


Joomla is a free, multi-purpose system based on style, display and control framework, and there are millions of users that rely on it.Although not as widespread as WordPress, it is a competitor of the same quality and a great alternative.

Like WordPress, Joomla’s functionality can also be expanded with various add-ons: components, modules, plugins, templates, languages, libraries, files and packages, each serving a specific function, most of which are designed by Joomla itself.


Drupal is another excellent alternative that you can rely on in designing a unique and civilized website, but an important point with regard to this alternative is that it is ideally suited for those who have experience in opening sites and design, and is not recommended for the novice because of the difficulty of creating a large site easily through it .

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is an effective content management tool, the famous Netflix site uses this tool or system as well as several other sites, but it is not very popular.

The system is a little more thoughtful but offers users exclusive designs and options not found in other platforms and platforms, as well as being more flexible and scalable than WordPress.

There are special alternatives for those who want to have a different experience and perhaps better in the opening of a site for sale and digital trade, and the best alternatives we found are: Shopify and BigCommerce.

While Wix is ​​one of the best alternatives to building a complete website, there is Ghost for those who want an excellent alternative to blogging in particular.


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